Better than Youtube

YouTube, owned by Google is the big daddy of videos and we can get virtually any kind of movies or videos in YouTube, from cricket or football matches to television soaps and top movies or even scandals. But still YouTube lacks behind in many aspects like clarity of video, limitation on size of video etc. So here are 5 Video sharing sites which are better than YouTube).

1. Beta allows you to upload videos through its website or a desktop based software or through FTP or via mobile phone. is one of the best sites in terms of quality of video displayed.



  • Excellent Video and audio quality
  • Better upload options, via software, ftp or mobile phone
  • Unlimited user storage
  • Max file size 100 MB
  • Very good embedded player for websites and blogs
  • Also provides revenue sharing

2. DivX Stage 6: DivX stage 6 beta is developed by the people behind the DivX format and this site allows users to upload videos upto 2GB limit.

Divx Stage 6


  • Very good video and audio quality
  • 2GB upload size
  • Unlimited user storage
  • Good Embedded player

3. Microsoft Soap Box: Microsoft’s Soapbox is integrated with MSN platform. This is again a good service which allows to share videos with almost all Microsoft services like Windows Live Spaces.

MSn Video


  • Unlimited storage
  • Uploads file size upto 100 MB
  • Good quality audio and video
  • Good sharing options and embedded player

4. BrightCove: BrightCove is another good video sharing site which offers revenue sharing via Brightcove network.



  • Revenue sharing via network
  • 100 MB file size
  • Unlimited storage
  • Superior quality player
  • Good quality audio and video

5. Revver: The best feature of Revver are the revenue sharing for its users (50:50 split) and unlimited upload size. There is no limitation to the upload size. But the disadvantage of Revver is that all videos feature ads on them.



  • Good Quality audio and video
  • Revenue sharing
  • Unlimited video storage
  • Unlimited file size
  • Superior embedded player